Join our CSA. It’s a like having a subscription to the freshest greens, vegetables, herbs, fruit, and flowers!

If you’re ready to join, download our CSA 2017 Signup Form. Otherwise, read on…

Every other Wednesday from mid-May through the end of September, members of our Produce CSA get a bag of our freshest, most vibrant produce. 10 bags total.  The contents will vary from week to week depending on what’s in season. Of course, farming is dependent on many natural variables, and these may affect the variety and amount in a share.

We also offer a Bouquet CSA. Every other week from mid-may through the end of September, you’ll get a tall sleeved bouquet that highlights the colors and textures of our seasonal flower harvest.

We’re proud of what we grow! Delicious vegetables, herbs, fruits, and beautiful flowers thrive on our seven acres of farmland, meadow, and forest.

We use sustainable methods to build healthy soils; we grow our vegetables from old-fashioned or unusual seeds; and we harvest them just before you get them. These practices ensure flavor, texture, and freshness that can only be achieved on local, diversified farms.

Our salad mix draws raves for its taste and longevity. Customers praise the sweetness of our carrots and strawberries. And who knew a turnip could taste so good? Our tomatoes and spinach stand up for themselves, too.

This year, we’re growing old favorites and several new varieties of greens, tomatoes, and other tasty produce. Each bag will include a list of the contents to help identify anything that may be unfamiliar to you. Before delivery, you will receive an email newsletter with recipes that are fun to make and good to eat.

Cost for a Produce CSA share (10 bags): $300

Cost for a Bouquet CSA share (10 bouquets): $170

Use our contact form if you have questions. Otherwise, download our CSA 2017 Signup Form.